Supreme Pro-X™ series

A step ahead of your prey

Supreme Pro-X, Sordin’s flagship hearing protector for hunting, effectively protects your hearing against rifle shots and other harmful noise – while allowing you to pick up ambient sound clearly and naturally. The surrounding sound is registered by microphones mounted on each cup and reproduced by internal speakers. You can therefore talk to people right next to you in a normal voice without removing your hearing protector – even with shooting going on around you.



The best sound – even before the latest improvement

Since 2020, Supreme Pro-X has a new and advanced sound profile that offers superb audio reproduction. Even before the upgrade, Supreme Pro-X was considered to have the best sound among the world’s high-end electronical hearing protectors. The new algorithm processes sound in such a smart way it creates brand new opportunities for hunters.


Helps you assess both distance and direction

Game animals have always been a step ahead thanks to their extraordinary senses. Now, you can turn hearing to your advantage. The electronics in Supreme Pro-X is so advanced, it allows you to turn up the volume high to precisely locate your prey, without experiencing disturbing noise. In addition, Supreme Pro-X is so fast you can hear the echo of your own shot, while safely protecting your hearing from the shot itself.


Nature never sounded more natural

Conversely, if you turn down the volume, you’ll experience audio reproduction so natural you’ll forget you’re wearing a hearing protector at all. The ambient sounds exactly as it does without your hearing protector on, as do people talking around you. No more artificial sound image, known to often be the case with electronical hearing protectors. So, you can comfortably keep your Supreme Pro-X on all day.


Simply in a quality class of its own

Originally designed for military use, Supreme meets the most stringent demands for robustness and longevity. Over the years, we have gradually refined the Supreme concept to its current world-class status in close collaboration with hunters in Sweden and abroad. With the most durable design and the most sophisticated electronics, Supreme is simply in a quality class of its own.



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The world-class leader in high performance hearing protectors

Sordin has more than 30 years’ experience developing, manufacturing and selling personal protection equipment above the neck. We offer innovative, high quality and safe products, manufactured in a rational production process. Our customers are found in a variety of different markets such as industry, construction, mining, hunting, military, police, emergency service, and forest and garden. Our products are suitable for all customers requiring high-quality passive or electronical hearing protection.

Customer Benefits – What Sordin can offer:
• A wide range of passive and electronical hearing protectors. 
• Short customer lead times.
• Small annual volumes accepted. 
• Products with documented high quality. 
• Long experience of developing and manufacturing hearing protectors, helmets and visors. 
• Long experience working with large global customers as well as small.

End-user benefits:
• Comfortable to wear.
• Comfortable ear space inside the sealing ring. 
• Modern and attractive design. 
• Smooth adjustment for perfect fit. 
• Guaranteed attenuation levels.