Tactical hearing protection perfected


Sordin Supreme T2

New from the inside out

Sordin Supreme T2™ is an advanced communications headset for demanding tactical applications. Every component is designed to perfection to ensure the extremely high reliability necessary in a critical situation. Based on the SordinFLEX© modular design platform, T2 comes in many variants and can be re-designed depending on requirements.

High attenuation
T2 has a very high noise reduction (SNR/NRR) for its slim cup design. This offers operators high safety and comfort even in high-noise environments.
Audio profiles
Choose between four audio profiles to adapt your sound image to the actual tactical situation. Toggle easily between profiles using an ergonomic keypad.
Main configurations
T2 comes in 36 main configurations – helmet-mounted (ARC Rail or Rear ARC Rail), headband or neckband versions – all available in cup colors Black, Green or Tan.

Evolution completed

For more than 25 years, Sordin Supreme has been a benchmark in tactical hearing protection, favored by tactical professionals worldwide for its capabilities and robustness. Now we are writing the next chapter with the new Sordin Supreme T2™.

Design freedom

Your headset is a vital part of your tactical field equipment. It must provide completely reliable communication, be adaptable to different tactical situations and ensure safe hearing protection. It must also fit seamlessly with other equipment such as a night-vision device.

Sharpening your senses

Hearing is one of your most important senses in any tactical situation. Your ability to pick up and act on sounds around you is crucial to your performance and survivability in the field.

The SordinHEAR2™ audio system provides advanced ambient sound reproduction. High-sensitivity ambient sound microphones pick up and reproduce vital sounds around you, while protecting you against harmful impulse noise from firearms, explosions, etc.

It is important to be able to immediately and accurately assess the direction to a sound source. T2’s ambient sound has excellent directional sensitivity due to the audio system's ability to register the extremely short time difference when a sound wave reaches one ear just before the other – and translates the time difference to directional hearing in your headset.

Ambient sound may be a life saver in a critical situation. Your headset must be guaranteed to deliver high-quality audio, which requires state-of-the-art ambient microphones, amplifier and loudspeakers inside the cups.

Audio quality is truly put to the test when you turn up the ambient sound volume. This helps to detect even extremely weak sounds, such as a rustling in the grass or a twig breaking in the bush. T2’s excellent audio quality gives you a competitive edge, sharpening your senses in the field.

Sordin audio profiles

Our hearing is more or less sensitive to certain frequencies. The SordinHEAR2™ audio profiles are pre-set listening modes, which optimize your sound experience by adapting the gain and frequency depending on the tactical situation. It is easy to switch between audio profiles, and each selection is confirmed by voice feedback.


Tactical is the normal audio profile for general purposes. Gain and frequency are set to normal levels in order to mimic natural ambient sound and to balance situational awareness and comfort in the field.


Comfort is a profile with reduced gain and a reduced frequency spectrum. Ideal in noisy environments when communication is prioritized over ambient sound.


This 2-in-1 profile has high gain and a wide frequency band for high situational awareness in quiet environments. Alternatively, use it when combining your T2 with earplugs to pick up some ambient sounds, even in high-noise environments.

Ambient off

In this mode, ambient sound is deactivated, and your headset uses passive hearing protection only. Suitable when maximum focus on team communications is required in high-noise environments.

Radio communications

Always on full team alert

Clear and uninterrupted voice communications are absolutely essential in tactical operations. This makes your headset a key component in your standard field-mission equipment.

A selection of

Features perfected

As a MIL-graded product, Sordin Supreme T2™ is designed to withstand extreme wear and harsh weather conditions. Even so, T2 comes with a wide range of features that go beyond merely complying with standards. Here is a selection of its many perfected features.

Sordin Supreme T2 models



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