Sordin Tactical

Always on full team alert
Everything must work to perfection in a sharp tactical situation. Failsafe radio communication. Perfect audio reproduction. The boom mic picking up even the lowest whisper with perfect clarity. All reliably delivered even in the harshest of environments – allowing you to perform at your best when it matters the most.

Purpose-built for tactical ops

Sordin Supreme MIL was designed specifically for demanding tactical activities where equipment MIL grading is a prerequisite – from rescue teams and police forces to ordinary and special military units. Activities characterized by the most stringent demands for impact-resistant, reliable and durable product design.
Supreme MIL

Failsafe team intercom

Most tactical units share an absolute requirement for uninterrupted intercom. Their hearing protector must deliver failsafe intercom with top-class audio reproduction and sensitive audio uptake to ensure discreet voice communication. Sordin Supreme MIL will keep your communications system operational at all times – including the integrated boom microphone and a connected push-to-talk (PTT) device – even if subjected to severe wear from lengthy, demanding field operations. Radio frequency interference (RFI) capability is built into Sordin Supreme MIL models to ensure communications integrity.

Going where other don’t

Robustness is in the DNA of Sordin Supreme MIL –a legacy that continues to this day. The flat and slim cup surfaces – enabling easy and unobstructed shooting for both right- and left-handers – are made of impact resistant ABS plastics, which is also flexible enough to withstand extreme temperature differences. The failsafe electronics were designed specifically for high shock and vibration proofness.  

All is heaviest-duty

Any potentially sensitive part of the hearing protector has been securely reinforced by specially designed heavy-duty components – including the integrated boom microphone, cable connections and Sordin's push-to-talk (PTT) accessories. While all models are water resistant according to MIL classification, extra care has been put into ensuring the battery compartment will remain free from water intrusion – a rugged screw made of stainless steel efficiently seals this highly exposed yet vital component.

The Sordin Supreme MIL family

Sordin Supreme MIL was designed specifically for demanding tactical activities where equipment MIL grading is a prerequisite. All models are equipped with failsafe electronics and RFI capability to ensure intercom reliability and integrity. For the complete Sordin Supreme range and a more detailed product family description, go to the Sordin Supreme product section.

Accessories MIL

Accessories for Sordin Supreme MIL products include push-to-talk (PTT) solutions for connection of one or two communication radios, and spare ARC rails.



How to buy Sordin products
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