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Sordin Professional
Take care of your people
At Sordin, we offer hearing protection to help employers protect their people and to comply with noise regulations. We offer a complete range of hearing protectors for heavy-duty industrial work. Our products also contribute to improving safety and productivity at your workplace.
Sordin professional
Sordin Hunting
A gust of wind in the bush? Or your prey within shooting range? Not only does Sordin Supreme protect your hearing, it enhances your hearing to help prepare you for your shot. Helping you stay one step ahead of your prey and simply become a better hunter!
Sordin Hunting
Sordin Tactical
Everything must work to perfection in a sharp tactical situation. Failsafe radio communication. Perfect audio reproduction. The boom mic picking up even the lowest whisper with perfect clarity. All reliably delivered even in the harshest of environments – allowing you to perform at your best when it matters the most.
Sordin Tactical
Sordin Share
Sordin Share
Some professional teams need to stay in constant contact with each other to do their work safely and efficiently. Sordin Share is for them. With its built-in multiparty intercom capabilities, this state-of-the-art electronic hearing protector breaks teamwork barriers. It builds on DMC™, a proprietary mesh network technology that works everywhere – without the need for Internet access or a dedicated base station. There is simply nothing like Sordin Share today.
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Sordin Sharp
Launched in 2021, Sordin Sharp is one of our latest releases for quality-aware professional users. This electronic hearing protector comes with Bluetooth® Multipoint support to enable interconnection with two external devices, e.g. one smartphone and one 2-way radio unit. It also comes with ambient sound support, enabling you to hear speech around you, while safely protecting your hearing from harmful noise.
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Sordin Sharp
Sordin leftRIGHT
Sordin left/RIGHT
Ergonomic excellence
The legendary Sordin left/RIGHT is the first hearing protector designed with people’s physical variation in mind. Our heads are all shaped differently, as are the size and position of our ears. So, we set out to develop Sordin left/RIGHT into a true one-size-fits-all range. But only in design. In functionality, it is extremely versatile, ranging from simple passive to advanced electronic models favored even by Formula 1 teams.
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Sordin Seal
Sordin Seal is our response to industries seeking modern, cost-effective hearing protection for their employees. It re-defines passive hearing protection with its excellent noise attenuation, low weight and nice comfort. The fact that we used Sordin Seal as a design model for our most advanced products Sordin Sharp and Sordin Share says a lot about our esteem for this hearing protector.
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Sordin Seal
Sordin Classic
Sordin Classic
The original
Trends come and go, but quality never goes out of style. Some products just don’t need hotting up, they were simply great from the beginning. Like
Sordin Classic. First introduced in the 1980s, this passive range has a rugged, yet comfortable design aimed at securing workers’ safety. Sordin Classic comes in three versions with different attenuation levels depending on your noise environment.
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Sordin Supreme
The legend continues
Sordin Supreme is legendary in electronic hearing protection. No brand can match its mythical status as an essential part of any serious outdoor user’s wilderness kit. More than 30 years after its first introduction, Sordin Supreme is more renowned than ever for its outstanding robustness and excellent ambient sound reproduction – and keeps attracting new generations of quality-aware users across the globe.
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Sordin Supreme
Check it out!
The Sordin Supreme™ Pro-X SFA™, based on the new Sordin Flexible Attenuation™ (SFA™) concept, was developed with different user needs in mind. With extra attenuation foam and a additional distance ring, it provides a higher passive attenuation (SNR 31 dB) and safely protects your hearing even in extra noisy environments such as a shooting range – while offering instant interchangeability to a slimmer cup design (SNR 26 dB), optimal for a day out hunting.
This is Sordin Supreme Pro-X SFA
Safe comms!
Stay in touch with your people with Sordin PTT single/dual com water proof
Communication is everything in the field. Staying in touch with your people, even in difficult terrain. Now we can offer you a new rugged, fully water-proof push-to-talk (PTT) device – strengthening a weak link in your personal communication equipment. A potential life saver from Sordin.
This is Sordin PTT water proof
Think big!
The Sordin Supreme Pro-X Slim!
Did you know there’s a Sordin Supreme Pro-X with a wider fit.The new Slim model comes with a new, slim headband design that offers more head space. Same technology, only with a new cup fitting for users with a slightly bigger head shape. Out now in three color variants.
Sordin Supreme Pro-X Slim blackSordin Supreme Pro-X Slim greenSordin Supreme Pro-X Slim ember
Flexible attenuation for any mission
The Sordin Supreme™ MIL AUX SFA™, based on the new Sordin Flexible Attenuation™ (SFA™) concept, is developed with the user and ever-changing conditions in mind. At SNR 32 dB, it safely protects your hearing even in extreme noise environments, while providing instant interchangeability for a slimmer cup design – enabling optimization for different operating environments or helmet compatibility needs. Our mission is your successful mission!
Supreme™ MIL AUX SFA™
Think big!
The new Sordin Supreme Pro-X Slim – out now!
Now there’s a Sordin Supreme Pro-X with a wider fit.The new Slim model comes with a new, slim headband design that offers more head space. Same technology, only with a new cup fitting for users with a slightly bigger head shape. Out now in three color variants.
Sordin Supreme Pro-X Slim black
Sordin Supreme Pro-X Slim green
Sordin Supreme Pro-X Slim ember
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How to buy Sordin products
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