Embrace noise

High-quality hearing protection is a smart investment for your company. Not just to improve health and safety, but to increase performance, productivity and pleasure at your workplace. Never let noise stand in your way – embrace it!
Your hearing partner
Noise is almost everywhere, whether we like it or not. But it doesn’t have to impede with your operations. With the right hearing protection, noise doesn’t have to be a problem. A smart noise protection plan can boost workplace efficiency through increased individual focus and tighter teamwork, while improving health and safety.
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The invisible disability
According to WHO, unaddressed hearing loss is the third largest cause of years lived with disability. An estimated US$ 1 trillion is lost every year due to our collective failure to adequately address hearing loss. One explanation may be the invisible nature of hearing loss – “what we can’t see doesn’t exist”. Sordin helps you shift to the healthy side.
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Electronic opportunities
You’re probably looking at ways to improve workers’ health and safety – and rightly so! However, in doing so, you’re also entering a world of opportunities to increase workplace efficiency. The latest electronic hearing protectors from Sordin offer full intercom capability, replacing external communication systems such as 2-way radios or walkie-talkies, while safely preventing noise-induced hearing loss.
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How to choose hearing protector
There are more than fifty unique Sordin hearing protector models to choose from – along with numerous options and accessories to personalise each product. We also offer to customize certain models if you purchase in large volume. What's your company's specific need of hearing protection? We help you navigate our range to select the right product for each of your employees.
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How to buy
How to buy or sell
Sordin hearing protectors are available to professional users via an extensive international network of trusted distributors. We can manage even large-volume orders thanks to our high manufacturing capacity at our production sites in Sweden. We are also on the lookout for more distributors with the ambition and capability to bring our products to customers worldwide.
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