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How do I buy my Sordin product?

We don't sell our products directly to end customers, here you'll find contact information to our distributors!

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How do I replace the inserts and sealing rings?

Replacement inserts and sealing rings are available as hygiene kits. If you use your hearing protector daily, we recommend that these parts be replaced at least twice a year.

Easy replacement as shown below.

Note: The illustration shows a Sordin Supreme model, however the principle is the same for all Sordin product families.

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Where do I find the serial number on my product?

You find the serial number under the inserts:

Sordin Supreme

Sordin Share/Sharp

Sordin left/RIGHT

Sordin Supreme X2
When will Sordin Supreme X2 Bluetooth be available in stores?

The product is expected to be available in stores as of fall 2024.

Sordin Supreme
Why is my Sordin Supreme Pro-X not starting up?

The most common cause is a battery problem. Check the following:

  1. Make sure both batteries are properly in place.
  2. Make sure the battery cap is tightly sealed.
  3. Make sure the batteries are sufficiently charged.
  4. Still won't start? Contact us or check out our warranty page.
Sordin Supreme
Can I upgrade my Sordin Supreme Pro-X to an SFA model?

No, you can't. Tampering with your hearing protector means it will lose its CE approval.

Read more about our SFA models!

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