Sordin Hunting

A step ahead of your prey

A gust of wind in the bushes? Or your prey about to present itself? With a high-end electronic hearing protector such as Sordin Supreme, you’ll be able to tell the difference. Not only does it protect your hearing, it enhances it – allowing you to locate your prey more accurately and take your shot faster. Sordin Supreme is legendary for its excellent sound quality, placing you a step ahead of your prey.

Be the best you – all day

Audio supremacy is a well-known, traditional Sordin Supreme hallmark. Now we turn up our sound quality one more notch. Using four new audio profiles, you can adapt the sound image to the situation you are currently in. Not only will a perfect sound quality all day add to your comfort and situational awareness – it will also make you a better shot and hunter.

We asked our engineers to boost the already market-leading SordinHEAR audio system. They came back to us with the most advanced system available in electronic hearing protection – SordinHEAR2, included in X2BT and new Pro-X models. Select one of four audio profiles to perfectly adapt the sound image to your current hunting situation. Unleash the sound of science and start performing at your peak with the help of SordinHEAR2!


Hunter is the main audio profile for general purposes. The sound image is optimized for a normal hunting day, balancing clear ambient sound such as speech with comfortable low-noise audio.


Focus is a full-alert profile. It has an increased gain and frequency spectrum for maximum situational awareness. Use this audio profile e.g. in the hunting tower to sharpen your senses before your shot.


Shooter is a comfort profile with a reduced gain and a narrower audible frequency spectrum. Perfect when normal situational awareness is sufficient, e.g. during shooting training at the range.

Ambient off

Ambient sound is deactivated and your hearing protector uses passive protection only. However, X2BT’s Bluetooth and Pro-X’s 3.5-mm AUX input will remain active, allowing for clear communication even in a noisy environment.

It’s all in the details

When it comes down to it, comfort is crucial. If your hearing protector doesn’t fit you well, you won’t wear it. That’s why we spend so much time and effort to make Sordin Supreme the most comfortable hearing protectors of all. Besides fitting nicely on your head and around your ears and staying firmly in place, all models are tailored for shooting with their compact cups with rounded edges. And when you’re done wearing your headset for the day, it folds up neatly and compactly.


Clear and reliable communication is key to safe and successful hunting. Sordin Supreme supports most popular hunting and 2-way radios* out there. With T2BT, you connect your hearing protector to a hunting radio wirelessly using Bluetooth. Pro-X models are connected by cable using the built-in 3.5-mm AUX input. Make Supreme a natural part of your standard field equipment – and you have an easy and reliable way of staying connected at all times.


Sometimes it takes special vocabulary to describe things properly. How else to portray the Sordin Supreme product family? While every member is, by definition, supreme – the attenuation efficiency, sound quality and robustness – some models are simply even “supremer.” Which Sordin Supreme family member are you? Choose between Pro-X,  Pro-X LED and X2BT. A true, and rare, win-win-win selection!

Sordin hunting products

Sordin Supreme is designed specifically to effectively compress noise from firearms. This makes it equally suitable for hunting, law enforcement, range training, shooting sports, recreational shooting, etc. For complete product ranges, see the Sordin Supreme product section or our latest product section Sordin Supreme X2.



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