Sordin Hunting

Stay A step ahead of your prey
A gust of wind in the bush? Or your prey within shooting range? Not only does Sordin Supreme protect your hearing, it enhances your hearing to help prepare you for your shot. Helping you stay one step ahead of your prey and simply become a better hunter!

Designed for hunting

Hunting is a very special activity which requires more of your earmuff than hearing protection alone. Going from total silence to maximum decibel level at the blink of an eye is unique to hunting. No other hearing protector manages these sudden changes in sound pressure like Sordin Supreme.

Amplifies the sounds you want to hear

Independent tests have proven Sordin Supreme’s excellent audio reproduction. You can turn up the volume more than with any other hearing protector to discern weaker sounds without the nuisance of having the sound of your prey drown in distortion. Your hearing protector works as an advanced amplifier of the sounds you want to hear, including people around you talking in a normal voice, while efficiently compressing the harmful noise of your shot.

Superior directional sensitivity

Not only will you hear your prey more loudly, you can also tell its location and distance more accurately. This is courtesy of Sordin Supreme’s superior directional sensitivity, which in turn is due to its high-sensitivity ambient sound microphones and smart digital algorithms. You’ll also get your normal hearing experience back fast after a shot thanks to Sordin Supreme’s short decay time.

Comfort for full focus

Keeping your earmuff on throughout the day is a common challenge for any hunter. Not with Sordin Supreme! Its soft sealing gel rings make you soon forget you’re wearing a hearing protector at all. In addition to offering the comfort you need to remain focused all day, they seal perfectly around the ears – even if you’re wearing glasses – adding further to hearing protection efficiency and ambient sound sensitivity.

ambient sound reproduction
The sound profile creates an audio image so natural it's like not wearing an earmuff at all. Meanwhile, the advanced algorithm amplifies any ambient sound you need to hear, such as a broken twig or the rustling of leaves that gives away your prey.
sound profile engineering
Advanced digital audio processing is used to instantly compress harmful noise from you shot to a safe sound level. The smart algorithm also creates a natural balance between the noise peaks and the normal ambient sound environment.
Easily connect an external accessory such as a communications device or a media player via the built-in 3.5-mm AUX input port.
built-in LED Light
The premium model Supreme Pro-X LED comes with a built-in LED light that you switch on/off by pressing both volume buttons simultaneously.
A robust steel screw efficiently keeps damp out of the battery compartment. All Sordin Supreme Pro-X models are completely waterproof.
DUal microphones
The highly sensitive ambient sound microphones gives Sordin Supreme its renowned superior directional sensitivity.

The Sordin Supreme family

Sordin Supreme was originally designed to effectively compress noise from firearms. This makes it equally suitable for range training, shooting sports and recreational shooting. For the complete Sordin Supreme range, including MIL models, and a more detailed product family description, go to the Sordin Supreme product section.



How to buy Sordin products
Get your Sordin hearing protectors through your local distributor. Check out distributors near you or contact us if you are interested in distributing Sordin products. Find your contact here ›
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