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X2 Bluetooth
Available in stores fall 2024

Designed to perfection

Sordin Supreme X2BT is a first-class communications hearing protector for hunting and shooting. Every component is new and designed to perfection to maximize the quality, reliability and comfort of X2BT. This wireless Bluetooth® product is based on the SordinFLEXTM modular design platform, allowing you to reconfigure your hearing protector using X2 accessories.

High attenuation
X2BT has a very high noise attenuation (SNR=29/NRR=23) for its slim cup design. This gives you safe hearing protection and comfort even in high-noise environments.
Audio profiles
Choose between four audio profiles to adapt your sound image to the actual hunting or shooting situation. Toggle easily between profiles using an ergonomic keypad.
Stay connected
Enjoy the wireless freedom of X2BT. Easy to connect to your mobile phone or hunting radio using Bluetooth®. Reliable wireless comms within your hunting team.

Evolution completed

The new Sordin Supreme X2BT has everything you have learned to appreciate with a genuine Supreme – and more. This first-class Bluetooth® product for hunting and shooting is a whole new take on this legendary brand.

Design freedom

Would you like your X2BT with a headband or a neckband? Gel or memory foam sealing rings? With or without a boom mic? No worries, you can always redesign your hearing protector later using accessories from the SordinFLEX component range.

Sharpening your senses

Perfect ambient sound is crucial to safety in the field. You need to hear sounds around you to safely assess the situation, while being protected against gunfire noise. But did you know that X2BT can also help make you a better hunter?

Sordin Supreme has long been famous for its superb ambient sound quality. Ambient sound is a useful function built into most electronic hearing protectors, allowing you to hear harmless sounds while wearing your hearing protector. Only, X2BT does it so much more effectively thanks to the SordinHEAR2TM audio system.

You want to hear your surroundings are naturally as possible. Ideally, like not wearing a hearing protector at all. A high directional sensitivity is important to help you accurately assess the direction to a sound source. You also want a short decay time to have your normal ambient sound level back immediately after your shot. These are all benefits that set X2BT apart in hunting and shooting hearing protection.

Audio quality is put to the test when the ambient sound volume is turned up. By selecting the Focus audio profile, the gain and frequency spectrum are increased. This sharpens your senses, allowing you to pick up very weak sounds, like a twig breaking or the rustling of leaves – even at surprisingly long distances.

audio profiles

Our hearing is sensitive to different sound levels and frequencies. The SordinHEAR2 audio profiles are pre-set listening modes, which help to optimize your sound experience by adapting the gain and frequency to typical hunting or shooting situations. You switch easily between profiles and each selection you make is confirmed by voice feedback.


The normal audio profile for general purposes. Gain and frequency are set at normal levels in order to mimic natural ambient sound and to balance situational awareness and comfort.


A profile with a higher gain and wider frequency spectrum than normal. Ideal in the hunting tower when you want maximum amplication to pick up even weak sounds from game animals.


A comfort profile with reduced gain and a narrower frequency spectrum. Perfect at the shooting range when situational awareness and ambient sound are not of primary importance.

Ambient off

Ambient sound is deactivated and your X2BT uses passive hearing protection only. However, communication is still activated, making Ambient off suitable for e.g. motorized transportation.

Stay connected

Perfect voice quality

If you are in a hunting team, you know the importance of crisp and reliable voice communications. Staying connected is just as important when you’re alone in the forest – and a good reason to go for highest sound quality when selecting hearing protector.

A selection of

Features perfected

As part of the legendary Sordin Supreme family, X2BT has a rugged and durable design. Its extreme robustness is the result of a design strategy that goes back 25 years. Add several improvements unique to X2BT – and you have a smorgasbord of features perfected.

Sordin Supreme X2 models



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