Embrace noise

The Sordin story

At Sordin, we are driven by the mission to help people do their thing and to perform at their peak – regardless of the noise around them.

Simply the best in hearing protection

There’s nothing like a real Sordin, just ask our customers. Our hearing protectors are selected by users that won’t settle for anything but the best. They choose Sordin for its robust design, its excellent product quality and its superior longevity. We’ve been developing high-end hearing protectors since the 1970s, and we know every aspect of modern hearing protection – from cup material selection to digital noise compression. So that you can do your thing even in the noisiest environment.

A full range for all needs

Noise conditions vary a lot – and hence the need for hearing production. That’s why Sordin keeps an extensive range of high-quality hearing protectors. In total, our products are available in almost 80 unique models – with numerous accessories to allow for further individualization. The range includes passive and electronic over-the-ear models (earmuffs) as well as several varieties of in-ear products (earplugs) – each with a specific set of qualities to meet diverse user requirements. Thanks to flexible production resources, we can also customize models by adapting our standard products.

World-famous brands in the range

Sordin is home to some of the most famous and esteemed hearing protector brands in the world. Our range contains the legendary Sordin Supreme Pro hunting family of products, military-grade Sordin Supreme MIL available with numerous communication interfaces, and Sordin left/RIGHT with its extensive family of passive and electronic models, all with the unique ergonomic features that have come to define the family. Our product range also contains our self-developed, market-leading ranges Sordin Classic, Sordin Seal, Sordin Sharp and Sordin Share – all designed specifically for heavy-duty professional use.

Continuous innovation

Sordin has innovation in its DNA – and our quest to advance product excellence continues to this day. We are committed to maintaining our position as the undisputed number one on audio quality – delivering the best FM-radio and music-streaming experience in the market. In 2023, we introduced SordinHEAR2, an advanced audio system that comes integrated with new models of Sordin Supreme Pro-X, and contains four selectable sound profiles that allow users to adapt their audio image to different hunting situations. We also introduced SFA (Sordin Flexible Attenuation), an innovative concept that lets you shift easily between two attenuation levels using a simple procedure.

Product of Sweden

Sordin is deeply rooted in its home country, Sweden. Our Swedishness has strongly influenced us ever since our foundation and continues to do so to this day. Sordin is driven by that very special kind of entrepreneurship that characterizes local Swedish business life, with hallmarks such as a strong customer care and a never-ending spirit of innovation. As a country, Sweden remains a leader in sustainability and climate care as well as in workers’ health and safety. In all of these respects, Sordin is and will continue to be a genuine product of Sweden.

The products that made history


Driven by the shift to motorized limbing in forestry, Sordin’s founding fathers developed the first hearing protector in the late 1970s. The product was never manufactured in large volume, but sparked the foundation of Vikmanshyttans Plastfabrik (Vikmanshyttan plastic plant) – the predecessor to today’s Sordin. Early on, the company focused on “safety above the neck” – i.e. hearing protection, eye protection and industrial helmets – a customer offering that remains the same today.


When we first launched Sordin Classic in 1987, it was a clear statement to industry: “Use this product to protect your people's health and safety!” Available in three noise attenuation models, and designed with the robustness and quality to last even in the harshest of environments, Sordin Classic marked a decisive step towards the workplace safety level we are now taking for granted. Almost 40 years later, we still don’t know of any passive hearing protector that would outperform this Classic.


Robustness was every bit as important when we began designing the first version of Sordin Supreme. Based on its military-grade sibling, the hunting version of Sordin Supreme was first launched in 1998 to improve hunters' safety and performance. From day one, Sordin Supreme has been first choice for its unsurpassed ambient sound reproduction – delivering a natural sound image while improving users' situational awareness and directional sensitivity. And the legend continues.


A touch of glamor entered into Sordin’s world with the inclusion of the Sordin left/RIGHT family in 2014 – the slick brand favored by race teams and Hollywood celebs. Behind the stylish design, you’ll find a whole family of super-ergonomic, high-end hearing protectors, from robust passive to advanced electronic models. What they all have in common is their oversized and mirrored cup design – hence the product name – making this extavagant hearing protector fit perfectly on everyone.


The launch of passive Sordin Seal in 2018 was anything but a passive move from Sordin. As market focus was shifting to electronic products, we identified the lack of a modern, high-quality passive hearing protector – not only in our own range, but in the market as such. Sordin Seal re-defined quality and usability, and the fact that Sordin Seal came to serve as the design model for our electronic heavyweighters Sordin Sharp and Sordin Share says a lot about our esteem for this product .


2020 marked a new level of R&D excellence as Sordin Sharp was launched, targeting the professional market. With built-in Bluetooth® Multipoint support, this electronic marvel is the best safety and productivity booster that money can buy. It lets you connect not only to one but to two devices simultaneously – for example a cellphone and a two-way radio – and toggle easily between them using an external keypad. Navigation of the many functions is a breeze thanks to voice feedback.


On the back of the Sordin Sharp launch, we took things one step further in 2021 with the introduction of Sordin Share – the most advanced hearing protector ever to see the light of day. In fact, it's a lot more than a hearing protector, it's a full-blown communication solution for mobile work teams. Forget about integrating an external two-way radio or other comms solution. All you need is included in Sordin Share – lifting your organization to a whole new level of teamwork efficiency.


The best became even better in 2023, as the audio quality of Sordin Supreme Pro-X was boosted one more notch. All 2023 models and later come with the new and advanced SordinHEAR2™ audio system as standard. Hunters delight in the four new audio profiles – Hunting, Shooting, Focus and Comms – integrated in SordinHEAR2. The audio profiles allow users to adapt their audio image to the actual situation they are currently in, thus optimizing comfort and hunting performance at all times.


The first two months of the year saw the introduction of two new major product series: The tactical MIL-graded Sordin Supreme T2 for military or law-enforcement applications, and Bluetooth®-based Sordin Supreme X2BT designed specifically for hunting and recreational shooting. Both products are based on the new SordinFLEX™ modular design platform, allowing users to reconfigure their headset using SordinFLEX™ accessories. First deliveries of T2 and X2BT are planned for fall 2024.

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