The original
Trends come and go, but quality never goes out of style. Some products just don’t need hotting up, they were simply great from the beginning. Like Classic. First introduced in the 1980s, this passive range has a rugged, yet comfortable design aimed at securing workers’ safety. Classic comes in three versions with different attenuation levels depending on your noise environment.
A SordinCARE product
The Sordin Classic family is covered by the SordinCARE concept. SordinCARE is a new way of looking at workplace health, safety and productivity at work. We help organizations explore the opportunities provided by individually selected hearing protectors. We offer a wide product range designed for professional use, along with customer support ranging from noise measurement to tailoring communication solutions for mobile workteams. Let us help you take care of your people.

Timeless quality

Trends come and go. But quality never goes out of style. Some products don’t need hotting up, they were simply great from the beginning.
Genuine craftsmanship
Sordin Classic builds on a genuine commitment to deliver timeless quality. When developing this classic, our mission was simple and straightforward: to ensure workers’ safety with focus on the technical details and the comfort necessary for users to wear their hearing protector all day. 

Timeless design
Originating from the 1980s, the Sordin Classic design philosophy remains the same to this day. With its rugged design, Sordin Classic was built to last – even in the most demanding industrial environment. 

Certified quality
Sordin Classic has a truly global footprint and is widely used for both professional and recreational purposes. All hearing protectors are tested and certified according to EN and ANSI, making them approved for professional use in most markets worldwide.

Three layers, three levels
The Sordin Classic design builds on three protective layers – inner, center and outer – which all contribute to suppressing noise to a harmless level once it reaches your ear. Sordin Classic also comes in three different models – XLS, EXC and HPE – each featuring different attenuation capacities.

Which Sordin Classic are you?

While hearing protection is a cheap and simple health insurance, too good protection may be a safety risk too. That’s why Sordin Classic comes in three models with different attenuation levels.

It is important to always remain fully aware of events around you while wearing your hearing protector. Using too efficient suppression, you may lose connection with your surroundings, creating a feeling of isolation in your own, silent bubble.
The suitable hearing protector suppresses noise to just the right level, not too much, not too little.

That’s why Sordin Classic comes in three models with different suppression capacities – low, medium and high – depending on your noise environment.

It may be difficult to assess the danger of the noise you’re exposed to, as it depends on different factors such as the type of noise, the frequency (or pitch), and whether noise is continuous or intermittent. And, of course, your distance to the sound source.
Which Sordin Classic model to select? Here’s a rough indication depending on sound source. For extremely loud environments, such as airport outdoor work, Sordin Classic HPE combined with in-ear plugs are needed for sufficient protection. Note: The graphic does not consider distance to sound source, frequency, exposure time and other factors, making the recommendation for each Sordin Classic model highly approximate.

Sordin Classic features

Headband and helmet versions
All three Sordin Classic models XLS, EXC and HPE are available as headband or helmet versions. 
Classic design
The simple, no-frills design in all-black color adds to the timeless look that made Sordin Classic earn its name.
Attenuation capacity
The thickness of the outer cup layer determines the attenuation capacity of the three Sordin Classic models.
Even pressure
A two-point mounting system on the ear cups distributes the pressure evenly around the cushions for excellent comfort.
Replaceable sealing rings
The sealing rings are replaceable and hygiene kits are available, including foam cushions and inserts/liners (accessory).
Unique inserts
The unique molded inserts offer excellent noise attenuation and maximum ear space inside the cup.
Adjustable headband
The Sordin Classic models HPE and EXC come with an adjustable headband force for perfect, individual fit.
Safe-grip headband
Easy to put on and take off the hearing protector, even when you are wearing gloves.

Sordin Classic models



How to buy Sordin products
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