Breaking teamwork barriers
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Some professional teams need to stay in constant contact with each other to do their work safely and efficiently. Sordin Share is for them. With its built-in multiparty intercom capabilities, this state-of-the-art electronic hearing protector breaks teamwork barriers. It builds on DMC™, a proprietary mesh network technology that works everywhere – without the need for Internet access or a dedicated base station. There is simply nothing like Sordin Share today.
A SordinCARE product
The Sordin Share family is covered by the SordinCARE concept. SordinCARE is a new way of looking at workplace health, safety and productivity at work. We help organizations explore the opportunities provided by individually selected hearing protectors. We offer a wide product range designed for professional use, along with customer support ranging from noise measurement to tailoring communication solutions for mobile workteams. Let us help you take care of your people.
Great teamwork can do wonders. But what if the team operates in a noisy, harsh environment and members are spread out in the field – yet still must perform optimally together? Like construction workers, miners and numerous other teams of professionals?

Sordin Share breaks teamwork barriers. It offers all you need for occupational health and safety, professional wireless team communications and personal entertainment. Its intercom capabilities are based on a mesh network solution designed specifically for secure, critical team intercom. And it’s packed with user features that boost teamwork performance.
Quality by Sweden
Sordin Share is at the frontline of Swedish technology development. It’s simply the most advanced electronical hearing protector ever made. Engineering excellence paired with the most sophisticated communications technology available make Sordin Share the first choice among quality-aware professional teams across the globe.
Just say “Hey Sordin” followed by a command. That’s how easy it is to activate one of the many functions in Sordin Share. Advanced and intuitive voice control lets you use both hands for actual work.

It’s as if you and your team were working together in a quiet environment with no challenging obstacles around you. Everyone can hear each other clearly and you can trust your intercom to work flawlessly when you need it the most. Full duplex support means everyone in the team can speak at the same time, so you never have to wait for your turn.
More than 20 voice-controlled functions
Voice control enables true hand-free operation. Just say "Hey Sordin, radio on" to turn on the radio, "Hey Sordin, battery status" to …well, you get the picture. More than twenty Sordin Share user functions are supported.
The Sordin Share app allows you to easily set, adjust and use the many features. It’s just as simple and intuitive as you’ve learned to expect from any modern smartphone app. Features range from selecting a work team to customizing your personal audio environment.

You can also run Sordin Share functions directly, such as making a phone call, turning FM radio on or off, or starting a song from your music service. With constant access to your app, you can quickly change your personal audio environment whenever you like.
App screens
Personalize your Sordin Share using the intuitive app interface. Settings:Preset your Sordin Share. Intercom: Choose user group and channel. FM Radio: Choose one of your preset stations. Music: Select your favorite tune. Phone: Access key phone functions without leaving the app. Quick Access: Ready access to sound, voice and music functions.
Sordin Share is based on Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC™), a network technology that creates living connections – actively seeking to connect to other units. DMC adapts to the behavior of each unit to ensure intercom is always maintained optimally. Establishing a network is easy, providing connectivity to up to 15 members in just a few seconds.

The network heals itself in a split second whenever a user loses connection or wishes to re-join the network. If a unit leaves, all other units work together to leapfrog the signal. Once a unit comes back within range, it automatically re-joins the group, enabling a self-healing, robust and dynamic network.
* Range may be affected by local regulations, terrain surface and number of units connected to the intercom network.
Technology comparison – Why choose Sordin Share over other communications technologies?
• Short-range connectivity.
• Time-consuming to establish.
• Easily breaks down when users lose connection.
• Few users (3-4)

• Medium-range connectivity.
• Half duplex only.
• Requires a constant push of a button.
• Sensitive to physical obstacles.

• Long-range connectivity.
• Requires base station connectivity.
• Complexity with many users.
• Network-quality dependent.

Sordin Share (DMC™)
• Medium-range connectivity.
• Full duplex – conversational, hands-free.
• No pushing of a button.
• Autonomous, off-grid.
• Multiple users (max 15).
• Dynamic, flexible network.

A Windows/Mac-based Configuration Tool is included with Sordin Share, allowing managers and team leaders to predefine user settings for all hearing protectors in their organization. Once set up, users can change several settings themselves using the Sordin Share app.

Differentiate users’ access to features depending on need and work task. For example, re-allocate users to work groups daily based on the actual work situation. Safety settings include entering the local emergency number, defining microphone sensitivity and setting the ambient sound level.
Sordin Share family
Hands-free operation
Team members can operate/activate the system using voice commands such as “Hey Sordin, radio on,” allowing team members to keep their hands free and focus on their tasks.

FM radio
Easy to scan, store and listen to your favorite radio channels.

Hygiene kits, textile sleeve (for headband version only) and boom microphone (spare part).

Multiple channel support
Team members can operate/activate the system using voiceSeveral intercom networks can operate in the same terrain, allowing different teams to communicate simultaneously without interference.

Bluetooth® 4.2 connectivity
Easily connect to a cellphone to receive phone calls, which can be re-routed to the entire group, or to stream music.

Small and powerful – ensuring superb connection and audio quality, even at long distances.

Boom microphone
Sordin Share comes with a detachable, high-sensitivity boom microphone to enable excellent audio uptake even in extremely noisy environments.

100% autonomous network
No base station is necessary, so Sordin Share works anywhere without additional equipment. The intercom network is an ‘off-network’ solution that can operate anywhere.

Headband version
A wide headband with a ventilated padding provides a firm and comfortable fit. Easily adjustable headband for individual fit.

Easy-to-use buttons to control your unit, a useful complement to app and voice control.

Selectable sealing rings
Choose between foam or gel sealing rings. Replacement parts are available for each ring type as hygiene kits.

Built-in high-quality battery
The Li-ion battery gives you maximum operating time before recharging. Recharge using a standard USB-C cable (included).

Helmet version
A patented spring design offers excellent comfort. Three distinct wearing positions. Superb grip makes it easy to adjust the cups even when wearing gloves.

Built-in microphones
Microphones for ambient-sound amplification are fully integrated, enabling a slim cup design and unhindered work.

Ambient sound
Reduces impulse noise and allows amplification of ambient sound such as human voice, enabling listen-through capability and ensuring high situational awareness.

Power saver
Automatic power off, no risk of unintentionally discharging the battery.

Sordin Share models

Sordin Share software

To have full control over your Sordin Share and Shares, software is needed:



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