Staying alert at work
Sharp features
Launched in 2021, Sordin Sharp is one of our latest releases for quality-aware professional users. This electronic hearing protector comes with Bluetooth® Multipoint support to enable interconnection with two external devices, e.g. one smartphone and one 2-way radio unit. It also comes with ambient sound support, enabling you to hear speech around you, while safely protecting your hearing from harmful noise.
A SordinCARE product
The Sordin Sharp family is covered by the SordinCARE concept. SordinCARE is a new way of looking at workplace health, safety and productivity at work. We help organizations explore the opportunities provided by individually selected hearing protectors. We offer a wide product range designed for professional use, along with customer support ranging from noise measurement to tailoring communication solutions for mobile workteams. Let us help you take care of your people.
Sordin Sharp is Sordin’s brand new electronical hearing protector. A high-end hearing protector for professional use, which allows you to do your thing and perform at your best.

Let your employees connect their smartphones with their Sordin Sharps, and you have a company communications network for interaction between colleagues.

Sordin Sharp is also about spicing up your workday. Listen to FM radio, stream a playlist or enjoy an audiobook, switching easily between modes.

And because you’re hopefully going to keep your Sordin Sharp on for most of the day, we made it super-comfortable to wear with optional foam or gel sealing rings.
"Surrounded by noise, you’re in your true element. Protected against harmful sound peaks, while picking up every sound you need to hear with perfect clarity.”

Sordin Sharp family
Bluetooth® MultiPoint
Designed specifically for professional use, Sordin Sharp comes with a robust design and several work enhancing features. But isn’t efficiency always at the expense of personalization – and fun? Not necessarily. Let’s look at a typical Sordin Sharp workday in a factory, for example.

Say you’re managing a support team in a production facility. You begin your day by phoning your team members in a multipart call to go through today’s tasks. As soon as you’re done instructing your people, you switch to your private phone to stream your favorite playlist, audiobook or radio channel – while team members remain in the multipart call to communicate and collaborate. A work procedure like this is available from day 1 with Sordin Sharp. All it takes are two or more hearing protectors and a smartphone for each team member.

And if your work environment is very noisy, just add Sordin’s noise-cancelling boom microphone.
Ambient sound
Sordin Sharp reduces noise to harmless levels, while allowing you to hear all the important sounds around you naturally. Including your colleagues talking. Whatever the kind of noise you’re exposed to at work, Sordin Sharp will suppress it to safe and comfortable levels. Thanks to Sordin Sharp’s efficient noise attenuation, it’s almost like noise wasn’t there at all. However, Sordin Sharp is not about silencing the soundscape surrounding you. Because you need to be able to pick up the important sounds clearly and comfortably, those that affect your job performance and safety. It’s about hearing what you want to hear, while keeping out the annoying and harmful noise peaks. A balance struck beautifully by Sordin Sharp.
Picking up voices
You can hear your colleagues talking in a normal conversational tone with your earmuffs on. You’ll discern every syllable with perfect clarity while remaining undisturbed by the noise around you.

Amplifying quiet sounds
By turning up the volume, you can locate even very quiet sounds. This can improve workplace safety in unexpected ways. For example, you’ll hear quiet forklifts and other quiet electric vehicles more easily with your Sordin Sharp on.

FM radio
Scan and store yourfavorite radio channels.

Low weight design
Sordin Sharp is considerably lighter than competing earmuffs with similar functionality.

Built-in high quality battery
The Li-ion battery gives you several days of operating time before recharging.

Ambient sound
Stay connected with the surrounding environment, while being protected from hazardous noise.

Headband version
The headband comes with a ventilated textile sleeve for maximum comfort all day. Replacement sleeves available as accessories.

Helmet version
Easy to connect to different helmet models using a standard adapter. A patented spring offers optimum pressure and comfort.

Built-in microphones
A slim design allows you to work freely.

Selectable sealing rings
Choose between foam or gel sealing rings, replacement parts available as hygiene kits.

Built-in antenna
Discretely mounted, no protruding parts.

Power saver
Automatic power off, no risk of unintentionally discharging the battery.

Voice feedback
Helps you to easily control the functions of the hearing protector.

Robust design
Cups of high-performance ABS plastic for light weight and excellent impact strength.

Bluetooth® MultiPoint
Lets you connect with one or two mobile phones, or one mobile phone and one two-way radio.

Connect accessories such as a boom microphone for use in noisy environments.

Sordin Sharp models



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