Sound of science

The Sordin Supreme Pro-X 2023 is a scientific wonder. We asked our engineers to further refine the already market-leading SordinHEAR™ audio system. They came back to us with the most advanced audio system currently available in hearing protection. Select one of four audio profiles to perfectly adapt the sound image to your current hunting situation. Unleash the sound of science and start performing at your peak!
The Sordin Supreme Pro-X family – now even more supreme

Four new
audio profiles

SordinHEAR2 is our new audio system. It is integrated in the latest Supreme models Pro-X and Pro-X LED. At its heart – four new audio profiles that further enhance your sound experience.
Audio excellence made Sordin Supreme legendary. The natural reproduction of ambient sound with perfect directional sensitivity. The HiFi-like sound quality. Now: The next chapter – SordinHEAR2 with four audio profiles, allowing you to adapt your sound experience to different situations.
Hunting is the main audio profile for general purposes. The sound image is optimized for a normal hunting day, balancing  clear ambient sound such as speech with comfortable low-noise audio.
Shooting is a comfort profile with lower gain and a narrower audible frequency spectrum. Perfect when normal situational awareness is sufficient, e.g. in shooting training at the range. 
In Comms, ambient sound is deactivated and your hearing protector uses passive protection only. However, the 3.5-mm AUX input is active allowing for clear communication even in noisy environments. 
Focus is your full-alert profile. It features high amplification and a wider frequency spectrum for highest situational awareness. Use this audio profile e.g. in the hunting tower to shapen your senses before your shot.
(Sordin Supreme Pro-X, Pro-X Slim, Pro-X SFA, Pro-X Neckband, Pro-X LED)
How to control the new Supreme Pro-X 2023 versions
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