Passive re-Defined
Seal is Sordin’s response to industries seeking modern, cost-effective hearing protection for their employees. Seal re-defines passive hearing protection with its excellent noise attenuation, low weight and nice comfort. The fact that we used Seal as design model for our most advanced electronic products Sordin Sharp and Sordin Share says a lot about our esteem for this hearing protector.
A SordinCARE product
The Sordin Seal family is covered by the SordinCARE concept. SordinCARE is a new way of looking at workplace health, safety and productivity at work. We help organizations explore the opportunities provided by individually selected hearing protectors. We offer a wide product range designed for professional use, along with customer support ranging from noise measurement to tailoring communication solutions for mobile workteams. Let us help you take care of your people.

Sordin Seal – a masterpiece

Sordin Seal is Sordin’s firm response to industries seeking safe, modern and cost-effective hearing protection for their employees. And, of course, others who share the same aspirations.
Sordin Seal family
Passive advancement
Sordin Seal re-defines the concept of passive hearing protection with its many elaborately engineered features. There are many passive hearing protectors out there which meet the necessary attenuation criteria and thus ensure the user’s health and safety. Sordin Seal is just a little bit more technologically advanced.

Nice to wear
We considered many important user criteria when developing Sordin Seal. The primary one being: keeping your hearing protector on for as long as you’re exposed to harmful noise! While Sordin Seal dampens noise more effectively than most other protectors, that’s only part of its popularity. It also fits perfectly around the ears without pressing uncomfortably hard, and stays firmly in place thanks to e.g. an additional, flexible support headband.

Wide area of application
It’s easy to buy and implement Sordin Seal in large scale at your workplace. The hearing protector comes in only one attenuation model, comparable to industry-standard Medium, which makes it suitable for most professional or industrial noise environments.

Sordin Seal models



How to buy Sordin products
Get your Sordin hearing protectors through your local distributor. Check out distributors near you or contact us if you are interested in distributing Sordin products. Find your contact here ›
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