Sordin PTT single/dual Com water proof

Safe comms!

Stay in touch with your people
Communication is everything in the field. Staying in touch with your people, even in difficult terrain. Now we can offer you a new rugged, fully water-proof push-to-talk (PTT) device – strengthening a weak link in your personal communication equipment. A potential life saver from Sordin.
Water proof
Sometimes splash proof isn’t enough. If your safety depends on it, go for water proof. Here we’re talking a completely sealed product, with no risk of malfunction due to moisture intrusion. The PTT has been immersion tested according to MIL-STD-810H.
Easy to use
Just connect the PTT to your hearing protector and radio system and push the main button to talk. On the dual model, a side button is also available for use of a second radio.
Single or dual
Available as single or dual com variants. The dual com variant, supporting two parallel radio systems, is customized on customer order and equipped with the suitable connector.
Detachable belt clip
The PTT comes delivered with a belt clip as standard. The clip is detachable by unscrewing standard screws for easy conversion to other attachment solutions.
Fits all CC models
The water proof PTT works together with Sordin Supreme MIL CC hearing protector models with the 6-pol connector.
Radio interfaces
Sordin supports most radio models in the market. For the latest update, go to our selector. If your radio model is not listed or if you want a special configuration, contact us for a custom order. 
How to buy Sordin products
Get your Sordin hearing protectors through your local distributor. Check out distributors near you or contact us if you are interested in distributing Sordin products. Find your contact here ›
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