Take care of your people

At Sordin, we offer hearing protection to help employers protect their people and to comply with noise regulations. We offer a complete range of hearing protectors for heavy-duty industrial work. Our products also contribute to improving safety and productivity at your workplace.

SordinCARE is a new way of looking at workplace health, safety and productivity at work. We help organizations explore the opportunities provided by individually selected hearing protectors. We offer a wide product range designed for professional use, along with customer support ranging from noise measurement to tailoring communication solutions for mobile workteams. Let us help you take care of your people.
and get ready to embrace noise
There are more than fifty unique Sordin hearing protector models to choose from – along with numerous options and accessories to help personalize each product. We even offer to customize certain models if you purchase in large volume. What's your company's specific need of hearing protection? We help you navigate our range and select the right product for your people.
What's your typical noise pattern?
Noise differs a lot between workplaces. However, some noise patterns are typical to certain industries. Check out our product recommendations for some common industrial environments – and don't hesitate to ask us for further information.
The technology behind our products
Sordin's hearing protectors come packed with clever technology solutions – from cup material selection to advanced signal processing in our electronic models. Here you can have a closer look at some of the features that make your Sordin a unique piece of technology. We also give you an introduction to the concepts used to describe the performance of our hearing protectors to help you choose the right model.
What does the law say about noise?
Today, occupational noise is regulated by law in most countries worldwide. But what are the international noise limitations and what type of noise is regulated? Here we give you a brief introduction to the regulatory aspects of noise at work, along with some recommendations how to best carry out a noise measurement at your workplace.
What's our Swedish origin to you?
Our Swedish heritage is reflected in everything that we do. We have a strong focus on product quality and technology innovation. We take care of our customers, making sure our products are delivered safely and securely, regardless of destination. Of course, our holistic SordinCARE concept also covers sustainability, gender and ethical equality, and healthy working conditions for all employees.
A global brand with a global reach
Sordin is a global provider of hearing protection equipment for professional use. Our high-capacity production facilities in Sweden combined with our extensive international distribution network ensure timely deliveries of high-quality hearing protectors worldwide.
For purchasing managers
Boosting workplace productivity
Ever thought hearing protectors might limit people’s work capabilities? Reduce their attentiveness and productivity? Think again, it’s actually quite the opposite. Welcome to a new level of workplace efficiency with Sordin’s electronic hearing protectors!
For operations managers
The invisible disability
According to the WHO, unaddressed hearing loss is the third largest cause of years lived with disability. An estimated US$ 1 trillion is lost every year due to occupational hearing loss. This may be due to the invisible nature of hearing loss. We can help you shift to the healthy side.
For health and Safety managers
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