Electronic opportunities

Sordin is continuously pushing the frontline of electronic hearing protection. We offer almost forty unique electronic models – spanning our Sordin left/RIGHT, Sordin Supreme, Sordin Sharp and Sordin Share product families – each with its own set of features and finesses to cater to diverse user needs.
What is an electronic hearing protector?
Unlike a conventional passive hearing protector, which uses mechanical noise attenuation technology only, an electronic hearing protector uses a combination of mechanical attenuation and electronic audio processing to compress noise to safe levels. Besides front-line electronic products, Sordin markets an extensive range of passive hearing protectors under the Sordin left/RIGHT, Sordin Classic and Sordin Seal brands.
Why electronic?
For noise attenuation alone, a simple passive hearing protector may be just as effective as even the most technologically advanced electronic product. More so, in fact! Sordin’s most powerful passive product, Sordin Classic HPE, greatly outperforms any electronic product in our range on pure attenuation capability. But if you increase the overall safety level and the efficiency of your operations, you need electronic hearing protectors.
Ambient sound support
Equipping employees with electronic hearing protectors adds to general safety at your workplace – a bonus to their main purpose of providing safe hearing protection. Every electronic Sordin product comes with ambient sound support, which allows important surrounding sound to pass through each cup to the user's ear, while compressing harmful noise to safe levels. This allows users to maintain their situational awareness, enabling normal verbal communication, as well as keeping people alert to imminent danger such as approaching forklifts or machinery.
Audio streaming and FM radio
The electronics in these models open up possibilities for users to enjoy digital entertainment such as audio streaming. Sordin’s electronic products come with digital connectivity – either in the form of a standard 3.5-mm AUX input port or wirelessly using Bluetooth® Multipoint – depending on product family. Use connectivity to connect your smartphone to stream music, radio or a podcast (if permissible by company policy). FM radio comes as standard and is built into all electronic Sordin hearing protectors.
Prepared for comms
Turn your people’s electronic earmuffs into a high-end, hifi-grade intercom system! Use the wired or wireless connectivity to connect any compatible external communication device of choice, for example a smartphone. Two or more users can then, simply by making a smartphone call among them, to create a fully-functional, hands-free team intercom solution.
Uniquely built-in intercom
Sordin's flagship electronic hearing protector, Sordin Share, offers a complete built-in intercom solution for mobile field teams. Each Sordin Share unit in a team serves as a relaying station, jointly building up a mesh network for secure, high-integrity professional team intercom. There is no need for an external 2-way radio system, nor for any external network infrastructure such as a network base station, since each hearing protector constitutes a node in the network. With up to 15 interconnectable units, Sordin Share extends the short-range capability of any two individual units to a mid-range intercom solution with a total reach of up to 2 km. There is currently nothing like Sordin Share in the world of electronic hearing protection – or even in professional teamwork intercom.
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