Never let noise stand in your way

High-quality hearing protection from Sordin is a smart investment for your company. Not just to improve health and safety, but to increase performance, productivity and pleasure at your workplace. Don’t ever let noise stand in your way – embrace it!
Your partner in hearing
At Sordin, we help organizations take a holistic approach to hearing protection. We offer to analyze the noise environment at your workplace to assess how each employee is subjected and affected – and to come up with a noise protection plan for their long-term safety. A partnership in good hearing that will pay off, both physically and financially.
Protecting our most sensitive sense
Hearing is our most sensitive sense – in double meaning! No other sense can so delicately discern perceptional nuances. But hearing is also the sense that is most sensitive to injury – noise-induced hearing loss – which, unfortunately, is often permanent and irreparable. We help you prevent hearing loss before allowing it to happen!
Hearing enhancement!
There is more to Sordin’s electronic models than hearing protection alone. Ambient sound reproduction with low distortion and high directional sensitivity improves users’ situational awareness and adds to workplace safety. Picking up the sound of a vehicle or a swinging machine part through your hearing protector may prove life-saving. In fact, a Sordin electronic hearing protector not only protects, but enhances your hearing.
Keep them on all day!
With more than fifty unique high-end base models, we can offer each of your employees just the right hearing protection. There is a Sordin for every need – from simple, passive models with super-high noise attenuation to state-of-the-art electronic models with wireless Bluetooth® Multipoint connection (Sordin Sharp) or a complete built-in communications solution for workteam intercom (Sordin Share).
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